Ninety Five Percent of BCA-Backed Candidates Advance to November General Election

Business Council of Alabama-endorsed candidates who won Tuesday’s primary runoffs join June 5 primary winners on the road to November’s general election.

Including June 5 and Tuesday’s runoffs, 105 of 116 of ProgressPAC-endorsed candidates – 95 percent – were successful. ProgressPAC is the political arm of the BCA.

“Tuesday’s runoff results are an affirmation of the importance of Alabama jobs and of candidates who are willing to step up and lead Alabama in the right direction,” said BCA Vice Chairman Denson Henry, vice president of Henry Brick Co. in Selma. “We congratulate our successful candidates who emerged from competitive races and who seek to better Alabama and her future.”

Henry congratulated Republican lieutenant governor runoff winner Will Ainsworth, a businessman and state legislator from Marshall County.

“Will is to be congratulated for winning a hard-fought race and we look forward to working with him in the future on what is important for our great state,” Henry said. “Campaigns can be tough. We share a common vision of putting Alabama and her future first.”

ProgressPAC-endorsed candidates who won party runoffs and offices sought were:

Republican Attorney GeneralSteve Marshall

Republican Agriculture CommissionerRick Pate

Republican Associate Supreme Court Justice Place 1Sarah Stewart

Republican Court of Civil Appeals Place 1Christy Edwards

Republican Court of Criminal Appeals Place 2Chris McCool

Republican Senate District 13Randy Price

Republican House District 30Craig Lipscomb

Republican House District 81Ed Oliver

Democrat House District 82Pebblin Warren

Democrat House District 83Jeremy Gray

Republican House District 88Will Dismukes

Republican House District 91Rhett Marques

“The voters of Alabama cast their votes for candidates who believe in free enterprise and are ready and willing to govern,” Henry said. “Success happens when the right people who understand the issues and are not afraid to step up and lead Alabama in the right direction are elected.

“Our attention now turns to the November general election and ensuring that the pro-jobs majority in the Legislature leads with a pro-jobs agenda and takes on the status quo to reform our public education system and provide for our infrastructure,” he said. “We remain committed to fighting for Alabama’s future by endorsing pro-jobs candidates who will help lead Alabama in the right direction.”