AAI Executive Director Participates in National Transportation Investment Workshop

The Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ (TIAC) hosted the 5th Annual National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates on July 18 in Washington, D.C. This program brings together transportation investment advocates and champions from around the country to share best practices, challenges and other keys to success in advancing state and local legislative initiatives that boost transportation infrastructure investment.

Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure Executive Director Drew Harrell joined Missouri State Rep. Kevin Corlew to present how their respective states have grown the issue of transportation investment in both the public and in the Legislature. Harrell and Rep. Corlew’s panel was titled “Setting the Stage for A Transportation Funding Increase.” They also shared how their states are preparing for a future legislative push for increased transportation funding.

“It’s great to be able to hear from other states on how they were able to advance legislation at the state or local level that boosted transportation funding for much-needed road and bridge improvements,” Harrell said. “Similar to Alabama, all states that have passed significant legislation over the past five years didn’t accomplish it overnight. It was a multi-year process with lots of research, planning and education involved.”

The Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure has continued to work with the public and local groups across the state of Alabama to raise awareness on the critical need to invest significant, additional dollars in Alabama’s road and bridge system.

The Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure was created within the framework of the BCA as a resource center and grassroots network for those in the business community and the public who are supportive of creating a transportation system that can take Alabama to the next level.

“The information shared by more than 100 participants at this national workshop is invaluable. We are able to learn from state legislators and statewide advocacy groups on the different and creative ways each state has tackled its own transportation problems,” said Harrell, who also serves as the Business Council of Alabama’s deputy chief of staff.

Participants will learn what states have raised or are trying to raise new transportation revenue, why they are doing so, what revenue streams they are exploring, who the major players are, and campaign tactics and strategies, according to the conference agenda.