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Published as part of the statewide magazine, Business Alabama, The Business Advocate highlights BCA’s work on behalf of the varied needs of business at the state and federal level, spotlights BCA events and members, and includes information from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers. BCA members receive a complimentary subscription to Business Alabama.

Volume 15

2024 Issues

Issue 6 - July 2024

Founded in 2007 MartinFed has grown from a small consulting firm with just a few employees into a dynamic player in the government contracting industry with nearly 200 employees across 13 states.

Issue 5 - June 2024

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of the job market, the spotlight has shifted decisively toward skills.

Issue 4 - May 2024

Alabama's work of transforming the state's economy is far from done, but our momentum has never been stronger.

Issue 3 - April 2024

BCA hosts Economic Policy Luncheon: Shaping Alabama's Legislative Agenda

Issue 2 - March 2024

Alabama's auto industry has driven the state's economy for years, and it faces a potential threat from a UAW infiltration.

Issue 1 - January 2024

From beloved mom-and-pop shops to local enterprises, small businesses embody the essence of the state's resilient spirit, entrepreneurial vigor, and steadfast commitment to local communities.

Volume 14

2023 Issues

Issue 11 - December 2023

Since its inception in 2000, the Alabama Manufacturer of the Year Awards program has continued recognizing the state's top manufacturers, celebrating every employee's hard work, and promoting the accomplishments of Alabama's best and brightest industry leaders.

Issue 10 - November 2023

As the state's premier women's economic needs advocate, the Women's Foundation of Alabama has set its sights on removing a critical workforce barrier for working women.

Issue 9 - October 2023

At the heart of the SEEDS Act lies the expansion of the State Industrial Development Authority's (SIDA) ability to grant funds to economic development organizations for site development and assessment, a pivotal element in stimulating the creation of sites tailored to meet the requirements prospective businesses seek.

Issue 8 - September 2023

From creating over 1,800 jobs and in-store value, to local charity donations, America’s Thrift Stores has a far-reaching impact on communities across Alabama.

Issue 7 - August 2023

Spire is a natural gas utility company providing services to nearly 520,000 customers statewide and employing nearly 1,100 people across Alabama.

Issue 6 - July 2023

By creating jobs, connecting businesses, and investing in the state, The Alabama Port Authority is moving more than just cargo. It's moving Alabama's economy.

Issue 5 - June 2023

Alabama aircraft maker Airbus has been developing Mobile's rich workforce talent pool through a number of innovative programs and apprenticeships.

Issue 4 - April 2023

With a proven track record of establishing the programs and opportunities necessary, UNA is helping to meet the training, education, and workforce needs of employers across the state. UNA is developing cutting edge programs and curricula based on demand and in direct collaboration with large employers across a wide variety of industries.

Issue 3 - March 2023

Angus Cooper, III, is one of the strongest business leaders in our state, driven by the simple mantra – “stay hungry and work hard.” Cooper serves as president of The Cooper Group of Companies, an Alabama-based, innovative organization employing thousands worldwide. The multifaceted, maritime firm impacts an astonishing array of industries throughout the world, from agriculture, energy and chemicals to construction, food service and tourism.

Issue 2 - February 2023

When considering the top issues that Alabamians care about, economic development and job creation consistently rank at the top of the list. This legislative session, our state’s leaders have the opportunity to renew the Alabama Jobs Act and Growing Alabama legislation, signifying these top issues are a key priority.

Issue 1 - January 2023

The 2022 Alabama Small Business of Year Awards were held on December 3rd in conjunction with the BCA and CCAA Annual Meeting and Partnership Event.

Volume 13

2022 Issues

Issue 11 - December 2022

Headquartered in Albertville, AL, Progress Rail prides itself on global leadership and commitment to the local community while continuing to safely move the 21st century railroad industry across the world.

Issue 10 - November 2022

The Alabama Manufacturer of the Year Awards recognize excellence in Alabama's top manufacturers. Award recipients lead the way representing dedication to leadership, performance standards, profitability, and workforce relations.

Issue 9 - October 2022

Brasfield & Gorrie is well-established in Alabama, which the company has called home since its founding in 1964. Its deep roots have supported significant recent growth, and the company is poised to continue that trajectory.

Issue 8 - September 2022

Having a seat at the table of public policy and connecting to other businesses can dramatically improve your organization. Learn how the Business Council of Alabama can help to facilitate your business needs.

Issue 7 - August 2022

Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation grew from a small two person operation to one of Huntsville's most competitive and well respected technical solutions contractors.

Issue 6 - July 2022

Birmingham-based Big Communications unpacks extensive research to explain how Alabama is uniquely positioned to attract the best talent from the next generation of workers.

Issue 5 - June 2022

Jim and Will Wilson are carrying on their father's legacy of business integrity and entrepreneurship while diversifying the company's focus and assets.

Issue 4 - May 2022

The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama and Regions Bank partnered to create a unified space for Tuscaloosa's job creators, developers, and seekers.

Issue 3 - March 2022

Laura grill refuses to let covid define EAMC's future

Issue 2 - February 2022

BCA names first African-American chairman of the board.

Issue 1 - January 2022

The 2021 Alabama Small Business of Year Awards were held on December 3rd in conjunction with the BCA and CCAA Annual Meeting and Partnership Event.

Volume 12

2021 Issues

Issue 11 - December 2021

An Alabama based engineering firm with a culture of giving back is changing the lives of mobility challenged children at home and across the world.

Issue 10 - November 2021

Manufacturing moves Alabama's economy forward, and the Business Council of Alabama and the Alabama Technology Network are honored to celebrate Alabama's top manufacturers each year.

Issue 9 - October 2021

Henry County recently received a major economic investment when an abandoned textile factory was flipped into a state-of-the-art sawmill providing lumber to companies across Alabama.

Issue 8 - September 2021

Cullman County-based HomTex shifted gears during the pandemic to solve a national supply-chain shortage. With plans to add 300 jobs to Dallas County, they're doubling down their efforts to become America's mask manufacturer.

Issue 7 - August 2021

Southwestern Alabama's Outokumpu is leading the charge in producing clean stainless steel to meet worldwide demands with sustainable and profitable manufacturing methods.

Issue 6 - July 2021

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians are challenging expectations and growing the economy. With nearly 6,000 direct jobs created throughout the country, PCI is serving the country and putting people to work.

Issue 5 - June 2021

Birmingham based Shipt's commitment and caring for their shoppers and customers is at the core of their revolutionary growth. Now serving over 5,000 cities, they pride themselves in delivering southern hospitality all across the U.S.

Issue 4 - May 2021

During a year of working apart from each other, the Business Council of Alabama focused its time and resources on ways to build and reunite Alabama's business community utilizing unconventional strategies and new technologies.

Issue 3 - March 2021

Operation Warp Speed outlined a requirement of cold chain logistics for COVID-19 vaccines. The challenge was met by an Alabama company witht years of refrigeration manufacturing expertise.

Issue 2 - February 2021

The 2020 Alabama Small Business of the Year Awards were held virtually this year as part of the BCA and CCAA's Annual Meeting and Partnership Event.

Issue 1 - January 2021

KMS's proprietary project management system has allowed the fast growing firm to stay connected and remain effective and efficient in a time of being remote.

Volume 11

2020 Issues

Issue 10 - December 2020

The Business Council of Alabama (BCA) was formed in 1985, and has worked tirelessly for the last 35 years to ensure that businesses of all shapes and sizes have every opportunity to grow and flourish in Alabama.

Issue 9 - November 2020

Great Southern Wood Preserving was supposed to be in business for as long as it took to repair and sell its equipment. Fifty years later, it's a thriving Alabama business, respected by do-it-yourselfers and contractors alike.

Issue 8 - October 2020

The Alabama Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Fund is one of the oldest and largest self-insured groups in Alabama who provide compensation coverage with exceptional service and competitive pricing.

Issue 7 - September 2020

The 2020 Alabama Manufacturer of Year Awards were held virtually this year as part of the Business Council of Alabama's Engage Alabama Business Conference.

Issue 6 - August 2020

The U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville is Alabama's top tourist attraction. It has so much to see and do that you'll want to come back again and again.

Issue 5 - July 2020

Dr. Alfred Seawright of the Medical Place found a way to get past a myriad of roadblocks and dead ends early in business. Now his message to others is to "just keep moving."

Issue 4 - June 2020

Encompass Health never stopped serving their patients. They made proactive changes to protect their employees and patients, so they could continue to provide their essential services safely and effectively.

Issue 3 - May 2020

The Business Council of Alabama presented the Alabama Small Business Exchange in an effort to guide small business owners on a range of business issues caused by COVID-19.

Issue 2 - April 2020

Warrior Met Coal enjoyed a record setting year in 2019 and is poised to create more jobs with the announcement of their Blue Creek reserves development in Tuscaloosa County.

Issue 1 - February 2020

C Spire looks to understand the unique needs of their customers as they begin to introduce a high speed fiber network to areas of Alabama that have been underserved.

Volume 10

2019 Issues

Issue 6 - October 2019

Eyes in the Skies

Issue 5 - August 2019

Never Touching Down

Issue 4 - July 2019

Space Travel Starts in Alabama

Issue 2 - May 2019

Catching up in Montgomery

Issue 3 - June 2019

Make Way for Manufacturing

Volume 9

2018 Issues

Issue 7 - November 2018

Vote for JOBS - Special Edition

Issue 6 - September 2018

An Opportunity for Progress

Issue 5 - May 2018

Paving the Way to Alabama's Future

Issue 4 - April 2018

Proven & Accomplished

Issue 3 - March 2018

Leaders of Government and Business Share Ideas

Issue 1 - January 2018

Honors Well Deserved

Volume 8

2017 Issues

Issue 6 - September 2017

Issue 5 - August 2017

Issue 4 - July 2017

Issue 3 - April 2017

Issue 2 - March 2017

Issue 1 - January 2017

Volume 7

2016 Issues

Issue 9 - December 2016

Issue 8 - November 2016

Issue 7 - October 2016

Issue 6 - September 2016

Issue 5 - August 2016

Issue 4 - July 2016

Issue 3 - March 2016

Issue 2 - February 2016

Issue 1 - January 2016