BCA Staff

Susan Carothers
Vice President of Investor Relations

David Cole
Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs

Helena T. Duncan
Senior Vice President of Operations and Investor Relations

Drew Harrell
Vice President of Governmental Affairs/ Executive Director of AAI

Kellie Hope
Vice President of Community Engagement and
Director of Regional Affairs
Southern Region

Michelle Hopson
Vice President of Finance

Andrea Hutchings
Manager of Political Affairs

Kimberly Langley
Director of Membership

Kate Messervy
Director of Regional Affairs
Northern Region

Jean Elizabeth Miles
Manager of Events and Special Projects

William Newman
Administrative Assistant and Policy Analyst for Governmental Affairs

Cherry Ragan
Office Manager

Robin Stone
Interim Executive Director

Joshua Vaughn
Director of Marketing

Contact Info

Physical Address

2 North Jackson Street, Suite 501, Montgomery, AL 36104-3821

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 76, Montgomery, AL 36101-0076

Direct Numbers

BCA: (334) 834-6000 FAX: (334) 241-5984

Toll Free Numbers

BCA: 1-800-665-9647

For Media Inquiries

Contact Susan Carothers