Legislative success happens when the right people are elected, and that’s what our political action is all about — electing candidates who understand the issues and are not afraid to step up and lead Alabama in the right direction. The Business Council of Alabama (BCA) and ProgressPAC remain committed to fighting for Alabama’s future by endorsing pro-jobs candidates who will help lead Alabama in the right direction.

Elections are a battle to ensure that a pro-business majority in the Legislature leads with a pro-jobs agenda and takes on the status quo to reform and improve all areas of government, and we need your help to win!

Well-funded special interest groups continue to fight to dismantle the free enterprise system and promote costly regulations, frivolous lawsuits, unfair labor laws, and more. ProgressPAC is our way to engage in this fight. Our efforts are possible because Alabama’s private-sector job creators continue to invest in ProgressPAC, BCA’s political action committee.

ProgressPAC Board of Directors

ProgressPAC is BCA’s political action committee. The funds raised by the special donations to ProgressPAC go to help elect Pro-Business Candidates.

Regional Advisory Committees

The Business Council of Alabama’s (BCA) ProgressPAC is comprised of a statewide board of directors and eight regional advisory committees that assess races in each region and make endorsement recommendations to the ProgressPAC board of directors.