About BCA

Working on behalf of nearly one million working Alabamians through its member companies and local chambers of commerce, the Business Council of Alabama (BCA) is the voice for Alabama business.

Our Purpose

Founded in 1985, BCA’s purpose is to improve the business climate statewide. With the help of the Alabama Legislature, BCA has been instrumental in securing reforms in several areas including tax credit for small businesses, job creation, incentives for economic development, ethics reform, and workforce development. Our organization also serves as a networking outlet for businesses of all sizes. Throughout the year, we host several networking events to promote unity and connection between Alabama businesses.

What is the BCA?

  • The Business Council of Alabama (BCA) is the state’s largest business association representing nearly one million working Alabamians to ensure that businesses of all sizes can grow and flourish in our state.
  • Advocating on the state and federal level, BCA works tirelessly to be the voice for the Alabama business community.
  • BCA is a 501c(6) non-profit, non-partisan organization.
  • BCA is Alabama’s exclusive affiliate to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  • In 2003, BCA joined forces with the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama through what is formally known as The Partnership, working on behalf of 102 area chambers of commerce throughout the state.

What does BCA do?

  • BCA’s Governmental Affairs staff works tirelessly advocating on behalf of the business community, spending a great deal of time at the Statehouse in Montgomery and the halls of Congress in DC to ensure Alabama lawmakers hear the voice of business on issues that matter most to our business community.
  • BCA works at both the state and federal levels to create a pro-business environment where small, medium, and large businesses can grow and flourish.
  • BCA serves as your one-stop-shop for resources and information necessary to doing business. BCA produces a weekly Capital Briefing throughout legislative session, publishes member spotlights and information in Business Alabama magazine, posts regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and publishes resources to our website.
  • Throughout the year, BCA hosts a free-to-member webinar series called ProTip, providing members with resources, skills, and information they can use to better do business.
  • BCA hosts several special events and conferences each year to keep members on the cutting edge of issues important to Alabama business. These events include but are not limited to the Capital Leadership Day, Alabama Manufacturer of the Year Awards, Governmental Affairs Conference, Annual Meeting, and Small Business of the Year Awards.
  • Through ProgressPAC, BCA’s political action committee, BCA works to help elect pro-business candidates to each branch of government who are committed to building a pro-growth environment in Alabama.

Advocating for Alabama Businesses

We recognize the many challenges businesses face. Our goal is to continue to pave the way for systematic reforms that will help businesses grow and flourish. We advocate for businesses in Alabama by working with our state and federal governments on business-related legislation that ultimately affects your bottom line. Some of these topics include workforce training, college and career readiness, infrastructure, manufacturing regulations, healthcare costs, tax policies and labor laws. BCA represents over one million working Alabamians, and we seek to protect their rights to provide for themselves, their families, and their businesses every day. By challenging and advising Alabama’s decision makers on policies that build our economy, our hope is to set the scene for a business climate that continues to thrive.