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Statement from the BCA Chairman on “Planning our Future”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 21, 2018 MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Executive Committee and Officers of the Business Council of Alabama met today in a face-to-face discussion entitled “Planning our Future.”  Now is the time for our organization to create its own plan of action for our future governance and leadership.  …

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Our Roads, Our Future, Our Responsibility

The Business Council of Alabama and the Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure along with more than 400 groups across the United States conclude National Infrastructure Week on Monday with a message of the importance of responsible investment in Alabama’s aging infrastructure. While driving any distance this Memorial Day weekend, notice the …

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Traffic Congestion and Safety are also Serious Issues for Alabama’s Road and Bridge System

When considering our road and bridge problems across the state, most people will quickly name the road they drive on each day that needs to be repaved or the large pothole on their local street that just seems to keep overcoming the patchwork solution tried by local the local city …

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