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House Education Budget Chair Says Alabama’s Progress Depends on Four Legs of Strength

House Ways and Means Education Chairman Rep. Bill Poole today said the next four legislative sessions could include modernization of Alabama’s budget process and its tax system. Rep. Poole, R-Tuscaloosa, was introduced at today’s Business Council of Alabama Tuesday Briefing by Business Education Alliance President and Chairman Joe Morton, Ph.D. …

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Senate, House Majority Leaders Give Update 2018 Legislative Session

Senate and House Majority Leaders Sen. Greg Reed and Rep. Nathaniel Ledbetter spoke of politics, the 2018 legislative session, and Alabama’s economic future at today’s Business Council of Alabama Tuesday Briefing that was sponsored by McWane Inc. BCA member McWane Inc. is an international manufacturer headquartered in Birmingham that began …

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Unemployment Comp Bill Will Save Businesses At Least $56 Million Annually

Senate Finance and Taxation Education Committee Chairman Sen. Arthur Orr said today that his bill to update Alabama’s unemployment compensation law could save businesses at least $56 million a year. The Senate voting 21-8 on Jan. 25 passed Sen. Orr’s SB 92 and sent it to the House Committee on Commerce …

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