Investing in the BCA – A Solid Solution

Sometimes in business, there may be extenuating factors which unexpectedly wreak havoc on your bottom line because you may not have been aware of those particular factors. Those factors could be a legislative issue, which sometimes can be complicated and confusing, even for the political veteran, and you need to know where you can turn and who you can trust to have your best interests at heart.

Some of those issues may adversely affect not only your company’s bottom line but your life or the lives of your family and employees. This is when you need an experienced expert on your side.  The Business Council of Alabama (BCA) provides a solid solution to protect you from harmful legislative issues and mandates.

By investing as a member in the BCA, your financial support allows our professional staff the opportunity to monitor and prevent anti-business legislation and regulations as well as to promote positive issues to help ensure our state is moving in the right direction.

As Alabama’s premier business advocate, the BCA is the most recognized and well-respected voice at the state Capitol. As the collective voice of thousands of members from every major business sector, the BCA’s diverse business policy initiatives come together to meet one goal: a healthy, vibrant Alabama economy where job creation is a priority.

Building on the success of 28 years, we remain committed to helping Alabama’s economy grow and prosper by providing leading-edge advocacy on behalf of the business community.

Investing in the BCA provides a solid solution for keeping Alabama a pro-business state.

– Nancy “Scottie” Mitchell

For more information on the Business Council of Alabama, please contact Elaine Fincannon, 334-240-8749 or