BCA Member Companies Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Do you love kaleidoscopes? I do! I hadn’t thought of a kaleidoscope in years until a recent trip to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts Artworks exhibit. There is a life size kaleidoscope where you walk into a tunnel-shaped structure and look up to view a large mirror and multi-colored shapes moving around slowly. There are so many fascinating patterns and you almost get into a trance trying to see the different shapes and colors to watch as they form unique designs.

Members of the BCA are a lot like kaleidoscopes. Our organization is made up of many types of businesses, industries, and educational institutions and organizations. Our members come in all shapes and sizes, but bringing them together in our organization gives them a limitless opportunity to allow their voices to be heard loud and clear in unity with one message for the legislators and the Alabama congressional delegation.

There are many opportunities for our members to receive assistance in crafting their message. The first way to assist is to listen to the needs and concerns of our members and choose the path of action which makes the most sense and will have the most positive impact on the business and education communities. We must be creative about connecting our members together to build upon each other and share their knowledge and experience, as well as taking time to explore how these connections would benefit our members. 

And finally, we must understand where the BCA fits in the big picture of helping our members stay profitable and successful, continue to defeat anti-business legislation, and how to establish or expand their businesses. Just like looking into the kaleidoscope and seeing how the colored pieces and mirrors make different shapes, the BCA staff strives to understand ways we can protect our members and help bring our members together to keep Alabama moving in the right direction as a pro-business state.

-Nancy “Scottie” Mitchell