We’ve got your back!

Since its founding in 1985, the Business Council of Alabama has worked hard to improve Alabama’s business climate. With the help of the Alabama legislature, which since 2011 has been truly committed to addressing the concerns of business, the BCA has been instrumental in securing the passage of a number of real reforms, including tax credits for small businesses, incentives for economic development, ethics reform, tort reform and positive changes in our public education system. To put it simply…we’ve got your back!

You can depend on us to make significant efforts to consistently stand against legislation which could adversely affect businesses in our state and strongly oppose it, or push for the passage of legislation that would be beneficial to free enterprise.

With a long history of fighting for the rights of business, the BCA has been fortunate to have a diverse membership who support our efforts, as well as volunteer leaders who invest countless hours working to improve the lives and well being of the citizens in our state and ensure our state remains a place where businesses can thrive.

The BCA recently announced the formation of the Business Education Alliance (BEA) to bring together the business community and public education in order to help students, parents, Alabama employers and the state’s economy. The BCA will keep a watchful eye for any proposed legislation that would be contrary to the best interest of education. Our children deserve a strong educational foundation, and the BCA promises not to sit on the side lines when it comes to providing tomorrow’s job creators a well-trained workforce.

As the state’s largest business trade association, thousands of Alabama businesses of all shapes and sizes have come to depend on the Business Council of Alabama. When it comes to choosing the best organization to protect the private sector in Alabama…the BCA is the best choice because … we’ve got your back!

-Scottie Mitchell