The House gives final approval of Red Tape Reduction Act

The House today gave final approval to the Red Tape Reduction Act, HB 101, by Rep. April Weaver, R-Brierfield. The House voted 94-0 to approve the version that passed the Senate. The House passed HB 101 on Feb. 12, it went to the Senate where it was substituted and amended, and it was passed on April 4. Because of the Senate changes, the House had to consider them. Weaver said the bill will ease government regulations for businesses.

This bill, which now goes to Governor Robert Bentley for consideration, would require any agency that proposes a regulation that might adversely affect a business to prepare a business economic impact statement and file it with Joint Committee on Administrative Regulation Review.

“Several business owners in my district have complained that satisfying bureaucratic red tape requirements eats up man hours, produces numerous compliance costs and takes their attention away from their main objective – keeping the doors open and providing jobs,” Weaver said in February. “State government should concentrate on giving business owners the tools they need to remain successful instead of finding ways to suffocate them under the weight of needless government oversight and mounds of paperwork.”

The Business Council of Alabama supported this legislation.

-Dana Beyerle