Spread the Word about BCA!

I’m sure you’ve heard that a personal referral is one of the best compliments a business can receive, right? At the Business Council of Alabama (BCA), we know business referrals are some of the most valuable opportunities we have to encourage other businesses, industries and educational institutions to invest in our organization as a member.

When a BCA member is fully aware of the benefits and importance of investing in our efforts, in order to continue to grow our organization and increase our presence in the State House, we always appreciate our members sharing with their peers the positive experience they’ve had with the BCA. That way, business leaders who are interested in learning more about what the BCA has to offer will already have a certain level of trust in the BCA – which is inherited from our existing member.

The cornerstone of building our organization’s membership based on referrals is making certain the value of being a BCA member is clear and accurate. Business owners and leaders usually talk among themselves, which is a great way to increase our membership with men and women who recognize the return on their investment. So, as they say… feel free to “spread the word about the BCA!”

-Nancy “Scottie” Mitchell