Facebook Page Features Bad Road Conditions Across Alabama

The Business Council of Alabama, Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure, and a broad coalition of other business groups and organizations have been working to identify statewide road and bridge needs and provide adequate and stable funding to address them.

Over the past year, we have seen the conversation of investing in our failing infrastructure start in earnest. To engage the public in this conversation, the AAI launched a Facebook page, Fix My Roads Alabama, to give Alabamians an opportunity to report roads and bridges that need repair and share the information directly with lawmakers who are responsible for improving Alabama’s transportation infrastructure.

Users of the Facebook page can share photos, video, and first person narratives about roads, bridges, highways, and portions of Interstates that have fallen into disrepair. All the information will be compiled and forwarded to Alabama state senators, state representatives, the Governor’s Office, and transportation officials who are tasked with maintaining Alabama’s roadways.

If a pothole results in a flat tire or damage to your car, post a photo of the damage and let us know where it occurred. If a road in disrepair backs up traffic or causes an accident you witness, use your smartphone to make a video and narrate what happened.

The AAI urges citizens who utilize the Facebook page to be safe while generating content and follow all necessary safety guidelines.

For more information regarding the Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure on-going projects, visit the AAI website at alabamaroads.org.