Business Council of Alabama Releases 2018 Book, The Future Is Now

The Business Council of Alabama has released its 2018 book of state and federal activities, The Future Is Now, A Time for Progress and Change, which chronicles events of Alabama’s premier business advocacy organization since the release of Time and Again: The Courage to Remain Consistent, Unfinished Business, last year.

Prepared by the BCA staff and published by the BCA Press, the 355-page book includes state and federal legislative agendas, the BCA’s legislative advocacy, a written and photographic record of BCA events and activities, press releases, state and federal blogs, published Business Advocates and op-eds.

The Future Is Now is the historical record of the BCA’s substantial work during the fourth year of the 2014-18 legislative quadrennium that saw passage of bills to encourage and enhance private-sector job growth and create a world-class education system.

The Future Is Now is the ninth annual book to chronicle the BCA’s enduring commitment to the legislative process. “The BCA continues its future look to create a climate in Alabama for new and existing businesses to locate and expand,” said Mark Colson, BCA senior vice president for governmental affairs and chief of staff.

The Future Is Now highlights the important relationship between the BCA and its national partners, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers, and the enduring grassroots link with the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama. “Our state and national partners are important to the overall success of our endeavors in the State House and in Congress,” Colson said.

The Future Is Now was released at the BCA’s Governmental Affairs Conference held Aug. 10-12 at the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort Golf Club & Spa.