Business Council of Alabama names Alabama student as intern

University of Alabama international studies student Katherine Brinser has been named an intern at the Business Council of Alabama.

The BCA regularly invites interns to experience the workings of the state’s largest business advocacy organization. “The BCA offers internships each year to select students as a way to expose them to the business and advocacy worlds,” said BCA President and CEO William J. Canary.

Brinser, originally from Illinois, will be a junior at the University of Alabama majoring in International Studies and Finance, with a minor in Arabic. Brinser serves as part of the university’s Community Service Center team and was co-director of Community Service for this year’s homecoming

“Along with the opportunity to intern at the BCA, through the Montgomery Experience, I will have a chance to explore the historical Montgomery area and earn credit based upon my stay in Montgomery,” she said.

The Montgomery Experience allows students to participate in a three-week internship and earn course credit by completing a series of papers based upon his or her time in Alabama. Along with the internship portion there are also various excursions to government buildings and other historical site around Montgomery.

Katherine Brinser and Leah Garner, director of governmental affairs and advocacy,
visit with State Treasurer Young Boozer.

Her internship ends May 23.

After her BCA internship, Brinser plans to spend a month in Jordan learning more about the Arab language and culture. “I believe that my time spent at BCA and Jordan will provide a solid foundation that I will build on in my pursuit of a career in foreign policy,” Brinser said.