Being prepared makes a huge difference

Does the end of the year flurry of pre-Christmas shopping sometimes make your head spin? Of course it all depends on how prepared you are when you begin your shopping and, more importantly, if you are certain you are receiving the best price on the products you plan to purchase.

How does that relate to the Business Council of Alabama (BCA)? We firmly believe the value, accomplishments, and numerous benefits we provide through our organization offer businesses a significant return on their membership investment. Our communications team is constantly publishing extensive information on the myriad of triumphs we have had in the Legislature validating the BCA as the most powerful voice for business, industry, and education in Alabama. Our on-line tools allow our members the opportunity to access a wide range of business information and provide valuable resources for businesses.

Don’t take my word for it! Research other similar organizations and I am confident you will agree that our advocacy team has a proven track record of helping pro-business legislation become enacted. In addition, specifically this year our ProgressPAC endorsed and helped elect 114 pro-business candidates out of 118 endorsements statewide. The BCA has three decades of experience representing all types and sizes of businesses; from the one-person shop to Alabama’s largest manufacturers.

Six years ago at the end of the legislative session the BCA’s staff published our first book summarizing the issues and challenges that were faced during the session, allowing our members and others to grasp the magnitude of our endeavors and accomplishments. We continued that tradition and are especially proud of what this year’s book, The Capstone of Progress 2014, represents to our members, providing an archive of the advocacy activities of the past year and much more.

Each day throughout the year, the BCA is making a positive impact on the business climate in our great state and though it doesn’t necessarily come easy, our advocacy team researches, studies, and prepares information that helps serve our members and the business community. So, you need to have all of the facts, just like shopping for Christmas gifts, when investing in an advocacy organization. The BCA facts are clear, our efforts are tireless, and we are dedicated to being a strong voice for the business and education communities.

-Nancy “Scottie” Mitchell