BCA Member Awarded Airbus Networking and Support Contract

Membership Spotlight

Business Council of Alabama member Information Transport Solutions Inc. of Wetumpka has been awarded a contract with Airbus for networking products and support.

ITS, a provider of Cisco Systems equipment, will provide networking capability for Airbus’ first U.S. manufacturing facility, the Airbus A320 final assembly line in Mobile. ITS said Wednesday that it will provide Airbus with network components for its local area network, such as fixed ports and wireless, IP telephony, and video teleconferencing.

ITS will provide logistics, project management, engineering, and technicians for the U.S.-based Airbus assembly line network infrastructure project. ITS said that under the agreement, it will provide services and equipment to Airbus worldwide.

“We look forward to helping Airbus internally connect its new manufacturing facility in Mobile and also provide a link to other Airbus facilities around the globe,” ITS CEO Steve Meany said in a statement. “Our team at ITS has proven with this contract that an Alabama-based business can compete internationally and help a major global company fulfill its network infrastructure needs.”

ITS will work in Mobile and provide backup redundancy in Wetumpka. Besides providing the Cisco items for Airbus, ITS will provide other valuable assistance and implement the equipment during construction of the Airbus facility into next year.

“Winning this contract with a prestigious company like Airbus is intense, but it shows that ITS can compete on a global stage,” ITS President Quincy Minor said. “We displayed our ability to meet security protocol, ISO-9001 quality standard, and technical expertise, all at the best price.”

– Dana Beyerle