BCA has launched its 2014 interactive voter guide

With one week until the June 3 primary election, the BCA is excited to present to you our interactive 2014 voter guide. This interactive map allows you to find what district you live in, who’s running in your district and who BCA supports in your district. The information provided will allow you to visit an endorsed candidate’s website as well as inform you of all the qualified candidates of both political parties. In addition to the interactive maps, you will find the full list of BCA-endorsed candidates, which includes those running for constitutional offices, State Board of Education, State Senate, State House and congressional seats.

You can use the search function to find your senate and house districts.

Once you’ve found your district and clicked on it, you will see a list of the candidates running. You can then click on the BCA-endorsed candidate in your district (if it applies) to pull up more information.

Once you’ve click on the BCA-endorsed candidate in your district to see more information, you will be directed to either their campaign website, Facebook page, or state bio page.