Op-Ed: Southern Research building castle for 21st century, investing in future of Birmingham

The coronavirus pandemic revealed healthcare heroes in our midst. I am proud to work with many of them at Southern Research. Since the pandemic began, our scientists – who have been studying viruses like COVID-19 for many years – have worked nonstop to combat the virus.

Scientists at Southern Research have made substantial contributions in every realm of coronavirus response, from prevention, to testing, to treatment. In partnership with UAB, we helped refine Remdesivir, the first treatment approved for the virus. Collaborating with Tonix Pharmaceuticals, we helped develop a potential vaccine that is in clinical trials. These are just two of many projects that underscore our critical role during this public health crisis.

We now have an opportunity to expand this important part of our mission, both to embolden our work to combat COVID-19 and to prepare for the next threat that might endanger our communities, families and friends.

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