Connecting Alabama to the World

The Alabama Port Authority is connecting Alabama to the World and operates with a clear mission: to serve the state. The Port Authority serves all 67 counties in Alabama, contributes to one-in-seven jobs statewide, and has a huge economic impact, with $85 billion delivered to the state in 2021 alone. 

The Port Authority oversees the deep-water public port facilities at the Port of Mobile and has eight docks on Alabama’s inland waterway system. The Port continues to expand its presence across the state and is currently developing an intermodal container transfer facility (ICTF) in Montgomery to serve its booming container business. In addition to the Montgomery project, which is set to open in 2025, the Port has funding for two additional inland rail projects on the horizon in North Alabama and Birmingham.

“There is no question that the Alabama Port Authority has had a profound impact on the positive business climate, economic growth and success of our state,” stated Business Council of Alabama CEO Helena Duncan. “Alabama’s transportation connectivity and geographic positioning, coupled with the Port’s infrastructure, creates an unmatched environment for even further economic growth and continued job creation for our state.”

Critical to the success of the Alabama Port Authority is the seaport’s unique location and infrastructure: located in Mobile, the soon-to-be 50-foot ship channel will create direct access from the Port to an international airport and two interstate systems, I-65 and I-10. In addition to developing inland container facilities, the Port owns and operates its own switching railroad, which services all of its facilities and other local industries near the Port of Mobile. Finally, on top of interstates, air, and rail, the Port Authority’s container, general cargo, and bulk facilities have immediate access to nearly 15,000 miles of inland waterways. 

The Port’s capabilities make it an ideal gateway for all types of cargo, from coal and containers, to forest products and steel, to automobiles and aggregates. With deep water, modern equipment, and multimodal connectivity, Alabama’s only deep-water seaport is one of the most efficient, versatile, and accessible ports in the nation. 

“Our mission is to make Alabama the most globally connected economic engine in the country,” said Director and CEO John C. Driscoll. “We are proud to provide optionality and fluidity through the Port of Mobile, which allows us to deliver lower landed costs for businesses throughout the state.”

With the vast waterway and expanding railway connectivity, nationwide businesses can rely on Alabama for unmatched options in transporting cargo. The scope of connectivity at the port will allow you to reach 50% of the U.S. population within 48 hours of unloading your cargo. 

In Montgomery and in partnership with CSX Transportation, the ICTF serves as an inland terminal to further move traffic from the Port of Mobile. This project is expected to generate 2,618 direct and indirect jobs, $340 million in business revenues, and more than $14.2 million in state and local taxes.

"Our mission is to make Alabama the most globally connected economic engine in the country."

CSX Vice President of Real Estate and Industrial Development Christina Bottomley shared, “We are proud to partner with the Alabama Port Authority in our shared goal of serving the region and connecting more areas of the state through creative solutions. With this infrastructure investment, we’re able to expand our business operations and railway network in the area, and provide transportation services for a variety of industries including Alabama’s prominent manufacturing and forestry sectors.”

A recent economic impact report from calendar year 2021 showed that the Port of Mobile is responsible for $85 billion in annual economic impact and generates 312,896 jobs across the State of Alabama. Over the past five years, the Authority has been the fastest-growing container terminal in the United States with 54.9% volume growth since 2017.

Following the release of the 2021 economic impact numbers, Senator Shelby said, “These results are cause for celebration throughout Alabama. The impact that the Port of Mobile has already had on Alabama’s economy is remarkable. I am proud to witness this great news and believe these numbers will continue to improve. I have long known that Alabama’s largest port could have a pivotal impact on the growth of our state. Throughout my career, I’ve focused on projects that aim to position Alabama for long-term success, and the Port has been one of those priorities. Its rise is attributable to everyone who has been involved in promoting its growth and the many ways it benefits Alabama. This is just the beginning.”

Throughout Senator Richard Shelby’s time in the U.S. Senate, he was an unwavering champion for funding the expansion of the Port of Mobile. A true visionary, Senator Shelby saw the potential for Alabama to transform into a transportation hub and economic power source for the entire region, and the country. 

With the support from elected officials across Alabama, most recently with a $20 million investment for the McDuffie Coal Terminal from the State Legislature, the Port Authority has been able to serve, expand and innovate throughout the state. All revenue generated by the Port is reinvested back into growing the Port’s business and operations, so any public funding that elected officials secure for the Port Authority leads to an ever-increasing impact.

“An investment in the Port is truly an investment in the entire state,” said Director and CEO John C. Driscoll. “When the Port gets a large infusion of cash, we are able to do more, faster to ensure the Alabama Port Authority is the most modern and efficient port in the country.” 

The Alabama Port Authority is an incredible asset to the state of Alabama, making the State a critical player in global supply chain fluidity. The economic activity surrounding the Port touches countless industries and sectors, including automobile manufacturing, forestry, agriculture, space and defense, energy, and more, and as Alabama grows, the Port is there to grow with it, ensuring every corner of our great state benefits from the Authority’s dynamic reach and unique potential.

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All 67 counties in Alabama served

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