You don’t know what you don’t know

People often may make quick judgment on a person, business, or organization before actually having the correct, pertinent information. Many times this is unfortunate because the importance, benefit, and value they may offer could potentially make a tremendous difference in their lives or outcome of the situation.

The Business Council of Alabama (BCA) strives to be clear about our advocacy programs, which have been recognized nationally as a model in the association industry. For over 29 years across the state, the BCA has united the business community, strengthening our voice with a clear message to state legislators and our congressional delegation.

With nine policy committees, our volunteer leadership drives our goals, policies, and actions for our advocacy programs. For BCA members who would like to be a part of the process to determine issues, which our organization needs to support or oppose, we recommend participating in a BCA policy committee. These individuals create the BCA’s State and Federal Legislative Agendas, which drive our organization’s efforts on so many levels.

In order to be informed on critical statewide issues affecting your business, industry or educational institution, the best resource with the most powerful voice and “has a seat at the table” is the BCA. How can you know which statewide business trade organization clearly leads the way to keeping Alabama a pro-business state and protects the private sector if you don’t ask?

To build a stronger economy, unite the business community, and help create an educational system to produce students who will compete globally, you must firmly believe in what you are doing and dedicate your resources to making those things happen. That’s what we do… and we would like to welcome business owners, business leaders, and those associated with institutions of higher learning to invest in our organization and help our state continue to move forward.

-Nancy “Scottie” Mitchell