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Tell your legislator to support investing in Alabama’s infrastructure

The Alabama legislature has the opportunity to consider HB 394 by Representative Mac McCutcheon which aims to generate additional revenue for roads and bridges in Alabama. The only way HB 394 will pass this session is a strong grassroots push with business leaders contacting their members of the legislature. Based on the passage of Sen. Dial’s bill, SB 180, the revenue generated by HB394 will be protected for projects focused on improving Alabama’s transportation infrastructure.

Earlier this week, the Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure sent a letter to all lawmakers encouraging them to be the first legislature in a generation to step up and improve our state’s aging and crumbling transportation infrastructure. Our state is suffering in keys areas like public safety and economic development. We simply cannot continue to ignore the significance of this funding crisis.

We ask you to do two things to help encourage lawmakers to invest in Alabama’s infrastructure:

1) Please consider signing your name to a letter to lawmakers urging them to support investing in Alabama roads and bridges. Simply go to alabamaroads.org and sign the letter. It is critical that Alabama legislators hear from you and understand that we cannot continue to ignore the critical infrastructure needs our state is facing.

2) Contact your legislator via phone and email and ask them to act now to invest in Alabama’s infrastructure.

If Alabama is to address this issue this year, it will be because we rallied together to encourage our elected leaders to do what is right. This is a team effort, and we need your help today!

Click to download an HB 394 fact sheet.

BCA is a member of the Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure. For more information visit alabamaroads.org