Our Roads, Our Future, Our Responsibility

The Business Council of Alabama and the Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure along with more than 400 groups across the United States conclude National Infrastructure Week on Monday with a message of the importance of responsible investment in Alabama’s aging infrastructure.

While driving any distance this Memorial Day weekend, notice the state of the roads you travel and consider how important good roads and bridges are. Then with June 5 primaries in mind, seek out and support candidates who promote modernizing Alabama’s infrastructure and the sweeping national infrastructure revitalization effort championed by President Trump.

The 6th annual National Infrastructure Week that runs through May 21 includes not only the BCA and the AAI but also hundreds of organizations, and thousands of leaders serving to educate and advocate the importance of infrastructure to our economy, future, security, and society.

“Each year for the past five years, a bipartisan coalition of business groups, think tanks, and labor unions have worked to improve America by highlighting Infrastructure Week,” BCA President William J. Canary said. “During this week we highlight the critical role our roads, bridges, ports, airports, water and sewer systems, the energy grid, telecoms, and technologies play in making America competitive, prosperous, safe and a truly great place to work and live.”

Alabama must be ready for the benefits of this undertaking as the AAI video illustrates the importance of safety, jobs, economic growth, and better conditions.

Infrastructure improvement is a key part of the Alabama 2018 election cycle. Preparations are under way for next year’s legislative session to increase Alabama’s investment in infrastructure to make our state more competitive in both the Southeast and nationally.

The non-partisan National Infrastructure Week does not take a position on legislation or elections but highlights the message that our future depends on what we do today. Not only for our roads and bridges but also ports and waterways, such as our own Port of Mobile, one of the top ports in the United States.

At the end of this week, think of your own streets and roads and bridges and their needs. Consider that an upgrade will ease traffic congestion promoting safety and will be good for business. Since the last new investment in Alabama’s infrastructure 26 years ago, our population has increased by 20 percent, vehicle travel has increased by half again.

The time has come for Alabama to be more efficient, safe, and economically better off through better roads, less traffic congestion, and hope for our future.