New Name for Alabama Contractor and Service Provider

Business Council of Alabama member Helix Systems Inc., a subsidiary of Voith Industrial Services, has a new trade name: Helix and Voith are now named Leadec.

Helix’s corporate office is in Bessemer and it has offices in Vance, Lincoln, and Montgomery. The licensed contractor partners with the automotive industry and suppliers, employing about 200 people and more during the industry’s peak periods and high-profile projects.

In fall 2016, Voith sold its industrial services division that includes Helix to private equity firm Triton, the company said. Under its new owner, Leadec operates as an independent service company capable of aligning itself fully to the needs of the service sector and providing customized solutions.

This autonomy has now also been deliberately reflected in the new company name, which is derived from the words “lead” (leadership, leading edge) and “tec” (technology), Leadec said in a release.

“The new name serves to emphasize that we are striving for market leadership to provide our customers with a competitive edge,” Leadec CEO Markus Glaser-Gallion said. “This is why we are going to continue to expand our core business internationally and are very much looking forward to the exciting times ahead.”

The industrial services provider that operates in the process and power-plant industries will also have its own brand: Veltec – derived from the Latin “veltrus”(fast running) and English “tec.” In 2016 the affiliated companies Leadec and Veltec earned combined sales of around EUR 1 billion, the company said. On the Web at