Is it finally spring yet?

The winter of 2014 was long, cold and rainy for many of us, but the end is in sight. The first day of spring was three weeks ago, which means we can all emerge from hibernation and take in some fresh air. Yes, spring is a time for renewal, the end of the Alabama regular legislative session and for the Business Council of Alabama (BCA), this is an ideal time to reflect on the return on the investment for our members.

As the state’s leading business trade association, during the 2014 session the BCA led the way for passage of significant pro-business bills, making this one of the most productive sessions in BCA’s history.

One critical way members can keep their finger on the pulse of BCA’s activities during the legislative session is through a weekly electronic newsletter called the Capital Briefing. Also, another electronic newsletter, The Washington Briefing, is a weekly Washington update provided to BCA members when Congress is in session. Both of these publications provide timely information on any legislation business, industry or education as well as other articles of interest on the BCA website.

While other associations may publish newsletters, the BCA proudly compiles the weekly legislative information and publishes a book. As the fifth book in a series, this past year’s book titled “The Pillars of Progress 2013” archived in 14 chapters how the BCA’s efforts paid off during the legislative session and how the BCA strived to make economic development and education the pillars of Alabama’s free market success. The BCA’s sixth book in the series is scheduled to be published by August.

Yes, spring is finally here. BCA members can “take stock” of the return on their investment and be extremely pleased with the accomplishments in the Legislature and our efforts to help solidify the future of Alabama’s business environment.

-Scottie Mitchell