Intuitive Innovation

Over the past 23 years, Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation (INTUITIVE) has continuously evolved with the times. Looking forward, that’s one constant that will never change.

INTUITIVE’s founding in Huntsville is the stuff of business legend. Founders A.R. “Rey” Almodóvar and Harold R. Brewer birthed the idea for the company over dinner at a local Mexican restaurant in 1999, with the concept first coming together on a napkin.

Longtime civil servants Almodóvar and Brewer would then both take the leap of faith from the public sector into entrepreneurship, launching and running INTUITIVE for the first year from Almodóvar’s dining room. Both were coming from the U.S. Army’s Aviation and Missile Command and knew there was a better way to provide technical solutions to the Department of Defense.

From the start, INTUITIVE was founded to provide an alternative to the traditional technical support contractor and provide services that are technically sound, competitively priced, and provide the best value to its customers. 

“From day one, Rey and I were determined to build a world-class, go-to engineering and analysis firm that would become renown in the aerospace and defense industry, worldwide,” said Brewer.

Fast forward a couple decades, and what began as a two-person operation with $40,000 in sales during the company’s first year has transformed into an award-winning juggernaut with more than 500 employees across 22 work locations.

Still headquartered in the Rocket City, a lot has changed for INTUITIVE over the years. However, the company’s core values and mission have never wavered.

INTUITIVE provides solutions from design through production to sustainment by delivering targeted results constantly enhanced by advances in technology and best practices. Their approach couples the latest technology with engineering expertise, analytical proficiency, and keen managerial oversight. The company has experience providing technical and programmatic support to clients throughout defense, commercial, and governmental sectors. Companies and organizations throughout the world have trusted INTUITIVE’s extensive expertise to provide innovative answers to their challenges.

William J. Marx, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of INTUITIVE, explained that the company’s specialties as a technical solutions provider have evolved based on clients’ changing needs and the progression of technology. For example, what used to be mostly advanced production engineering or mechanical engineering work is continuing to develop into new applications and innovation involving software and the cyber sector. Employees are frequently cross-functional and interdisciplinary in this modern, fast-paced environment in which digital proficiency continues to pick up importance.

"Our policies, procedures and ethical standards reflect the values of the company’s founders and their refusal to accept anything less than absolute employee integrity and complete client satisfaction."

INTUITIVE makes it a regular practice to survey clients and industry leaders on their present and future needs, with a common digital thread emerging in recent years.

“No surprise: it’s all about data, the cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics,” said Marx.

INTUITIVE takes great pride in ensuring the skills and capabilities of its team meet the needs of today and tomorrow. The high-tech company is on the cutting-edge when it comes to the big data domain, as it develops big data storage architectures and analytical methods that can be used across a host of sectors. Indeed, INTUITIVE has developed their own data platform and analytics packages called DECIDETM and CompreheNDTM, respectively, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) The company advised, “INTUITIVE is committed to being the leading systems, technology, and management solutions provider in our industry by delivering targeted results enhanced by advances in technology, best practices, and unparalleled customer support. Our expertise in professional engineering, technical services, and analytical support makes us the INTUITIVE choice for innovative solutions.”

INTUITIVE credits its success to its people. But the company’s commitment to its people runs much deeper than words. That authentic approach shines through in how employees rate the company. INTUITIVE was recently honored as the first inductee into the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber’s Best Places to Work Hall of Fame.

“INTUITIVE respects the specialized knowledge of our peers, working closely with them in a spirit of teamwork to be of service to our customers,” the company wrote. “The genuine culture, high ethical standards, and commitment to creating innovative solutions has resulted in INTUITIVE being recognized by our employees, industry organizations, and major publications as a Best Place to Work, both locally and nationally.”

All of the company’s team members are bonded together through a dedication to serving clients in a trustworthy manner, with INTUITIVE holding itself to the highest ethical standard. “Our policies, procedures and ethical standards reflect the values of the company’s founders and their refusal to accept anything less than absolute employee integrity and complete client satisfaction.”

The company’s values are reflected outwardly in INTUITIVE’s significant philanthropic activity and civic engagement, which has led to its reputation as a preeminent corporate citizen. 

“INTUITIVE is dedicated to making a positive difference in the communities in which we work, live, and play,” the company stated. “Supporting our communities is important because a stronger, united community allows our employees a better way of life.”

Some of the company’s charitable efforts include supporting STEM education (especially for vulnerable communities), caring for the aging and homebound, and giving back to veterans. Approximately a quarter of INTUITIVE employees are veterans, which not only underscores the company’s core commitment to the warfighter but also harnesses the unique perspective of previous end-users of defense and aerospace related technology and equipment.

INTUITIVE also perfectly fits into the inimitable culture of Huntsville, which Marx terms as a “jewel” in the defense and aerospace industry. From the companies themselves to multi-level governmental, academic, and non-profit partners, the greater Huntsville area is buoyed by a practiced philosophy that a rising tide lifts all boats.

For INTUITIVE, a search for a better way to serve defense and aerospace customers was how it all started, and it’s how the company will continue to evolve long into the future.

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