Hard Work, Dedication, Training Pay Off for Tuscaloosa Small Business Owners

Business Council of Alabama members Misty and Lee Garrison started a small business in Tuscaloosa last year and can offer some advice on success: have the right idea, dedicate yourself, constantly train, and use your experience.

The Tuscaloosa couple founded BloGo Blow Dry Bar & Salon, a haven where clients feel relaxed, yet chic and polished. From the moment clients walk into BloGo Blow Dry Bar & Salon, there’s a caring spirit that radiates from this husband-and-wife team and the salon family they’ve curated.

Not only is the salon a result of their dedication, but this small business, like tens of thousands of others, is the backbone of Alabama’s economy. It employs about a dozen women and men and also buys from supporting businesses.

Misty Garrison said through consistency, continued education, and love, the BloGo Blow Dry Bar & Salon mission is to give every guest an experience that is beyond exceptional.

“I have a passion for the industry that keeps me motivated to continuously research and educate myself.” Misty Garrison

The BloGo Blow Dry Bar & Salon is a new BCA member but Lee Garrison, senior vice president USI Insurance Services, LLC, in Tuscaloosa, is a member of the BCA board of directors.

He was the recipient of the Still Ambassadorial Award at the BCA annual meeting in December. The Still Ambassadorial Award is presented to BCA members who show outstanding efforts and consistent contributions to the BCA’s Next Level Investor program.

The award is named for Birmingham attorney Stephen Still, chairman of the BCA’s Ambassador program, a ProgressPAC board member, and a shareholder of Maynard Cooper & Gale. BCA Ambassadors advocate the advantages of BCA membership to Alabama’s business community and in investing in the BCA to ensure that business is represented at the table in Montgomery and in Washington, D.C.

Misty Garrison started in the beauty industry in 1999 in Mountain Brook as an apprentice. She was trained by the best in the industry. In return, she worked hard, was dedicated to her craft, and was loyal.

“And let me tell you, it paid off,” she said.

Now, with more than 18 years of experience and disciplined training in color, styling and cutting, she has established herself. Did she mention hard work pays off?

“I have maintained a loyal client base due to attention to detail as well as being a versatile and well-rounded hairstylist,” Misty Garrison said.

“Because I have had the blessing of you sitting in my chair, knowing you and loving you, I am better.” Misty Garrison

She said her goal is to produce for each client a “lived-in” cutting style that works for their hair texture, growth pattern, and lifestyle. “Color is my favorite,” she said.

Misty Garrison specializes in customizing a look that enhances each client and takes into consideration each person’s skin tone, eye color, personal style, and maintenance goal.

Misty Garrison said she is blessed to have each client and it’s her goal to leave a positive impact on each. “There is no doubt that each individual has been put in my life for a reason,” Misty Garrison said.

Misty Garrison credits her clients and their loyalty for any success she has had.