Combating a False Sense of Cybersecurity: Webinar Replay

Amy Williams and Paul Perry presented a powerpoint that guided the participants of the webinar on cybersecurity issues businesses are currently facing. Watch the replay below.

[author title=”Amy M. Williams” image=””]Amy M. Williams serves as a Senior Business Development Consultant within Warren Averett’s Security, Risk and Controls Group. This practice area performs over 150 information technology and security related projects (reviews, risk assessments, audits, etc.) on an annual basis. Her role is primarily to offer insight into industry trends for security best practices and aid companies in making proactive decisions about how to mitigate their organization’s risk.[/author]

[author title=”Paul Perry, FHFMA, CITP, CPA” image=””]Paul Perry has been with Warren Averett since 2004 and is a Member and the practice leader of the Security, Risk and Controls Group. Paul and his team focus on cybersecurity, information technology related projects, risk assessments, internal controls, internal audit and control-related projects, including System and Organization Control engagements.[/author]