Business-Backed Representative Anthony Daniels Elected House Minority Leader

House Democrats on Wednesday elected State Rep. Anthony Daniels, D-Huntsville, House Minority Leader, making him Alabama’s first African American minority leader and, at age 34, the youngest party leader in modern Alabama State House history.

“We congratulate Representative Daniels for his election to this important post in the Alabama House of Representatives,” BCA President and CEO William J. Canary said. “Representative Daniels received business support in the 2014 election cycle from a newly drawn district. He is a small businessman, job creator and as such is the lifeblood and backbone of our nation’s economy.”

Rep. Daniels said he was humbled by the faith, trust, and support provided by colleagues in Montgomery and looks forward to work with all. “Democrats are ready to roll up their sleeves to boost public education, to help businesses create good-paying jobs, and to restore public confidence in Montgomery among the hard-working families of Alabama,” he said in a statement.

Rep. Daniels grew up in Midway and has spent his career determined to boost jobs, public education, and college affordability, his statement said. He has served as an educator, a fundraiser for Alabama A&M University, and a member of Huntsville’s Economic Sustainability Council, among other positions.

In 2016, Daniels introduced two bills that became law.

He introduced the 21st Century Manufacturing Act, which would boost manufacturing and business recruitment by encouraging a greater partnership between industry and local governments. Rep. Daniels also introduced the “Growler Bill” that allows small brewers to sell their product for off-site consumption, boosting the economy, and encouraging Alabama breweries to expand.

Rep. Daniels vowed to reach across the political aisle and deliver for Alabamians while focusing on collective needs, not on controversial bills that divide and make it more difficult to attract and retain good paying jobs Alabama needs and deserves.

“That means moving forward on our efforts to build a stronger business climate, boost both K-12 and higher education, and to balance our budget without trying to do so on the backs of our poor, our senior citizens, and our veterans,” Rep. Daniels said. “That means addressing the needs of rural Alabama as much as we work with our cities. And, yes, that means putting a stop to wasting taxpayer time and dollars on bills and debate that do nothing to make our communities safer or better places to live – and set our state back decades in the process.

“Alabama Democrats have a bold agenda, but words on paper are not enough. From college affordability to simply restoring confidence in government, there is a lot of work to be done in Montgomery. We cannot do that without meeting with, listening to, and engaging communities across the state, and we’re ready to get to work.”