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BCA responds to U.S. Chamber’s Leaders and Laggards report

MONTGOMERY – The Business Council of Alabama released the following statement regarding the the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Leaders & Laggards report. The report, an updated version of the 2007 inaugural report, is called A State-by-State Report Card on K-12 Educational Effectiveness:

“The Leaders & Laggards report acknowledges what many of us in the business community already know–that Alabama’s public education system has challenges that must be addressed,” said Business Council of Alabama President and CEO, William J. Canary.  “The Business Education Alliance of Alabama (BEA) in August released a report entitled Obstacles into Opportunities which presents a road map to a 90 percent graduation rate and details the tremendous economic impact this would have on Alabama. Every state has challenges, but few states have seen such collaboration between the business and education communities as Alabama.  In addition, our state leaders understand that improving education is essential to job creation which is evident in the state’s education blueprint, Plan 2020.  The good news is that at the state level, we are blessed with a superintendent, Dr. Tommy Bice, who is blazing a progressive and strategic trail for the public school system, so we are very optimistic about the future. While there are significant educational successes all across Alabama, we must ensure that all of our students have the opportunity to receive a quality education. Economic development and the future of Alabama depend on it. The future is now! The children of today are our leaders and workforce of tomorrow.”

The Business Council of Alabama is Alabama’s foremost voice for business. The BCA is a non-partisan statewide business association representing the interests and concerns of nearly one million working Alabamians through its member companies and its partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama. BCA is Alabama’s exclusive affiliate to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers.


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