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BCA Committees

The BCA’s goals, policies and actions are driven by its members. To ensure your company has a voice when policy priorities are determined, name a representative to BCA policy committees that address issues of greatest concern to you.

Committee members help analyze issues that affect business and assist the BCA staff in presenting the business position to Alabama lawmakers and regulators. Committee members are the first to be informed about issues related to their area of concern. These active members comprise the foundation of the BCA’s grassroots network.

Committee members meet via conference call to re-evaluate existing agendas, discuss legislative accomplishments, and consider legislative priorities for the upcoming year. Then, during the BCA’s Pathways to Policy Summit, committee work culminates with discussion and recommendations of legislative priorities to be included in our legislative agendas.

The BCA’s Governmental Affairs Committee reviews the recommendations and passes along the State and Federal Legislative Agendas to the full BCA board of directors. The board makes the final decision on legislative priorities for the upcoming session. Throughout the process each fall, BCA members and the BCA Advocacy Team work to ensure that our state and federal agendas reflect the interests and concerns of Alabama’s business community.

Contact David Cole, davidc@bcatoday.org to learn more about BCA’s public policy agenda process.