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Manager, Member and Investor Relations
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Get your information…loud and clear

When you were young, do you remember sitting in a circle and one person whispers a sentence in the next person’s ear and it’s passed along to the next person and so on? What usually happened at the end? The original sentence was totally misconstrued and all jumbled up…nothing like …

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BCA Member Companies Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Do you love kaleidoscopes? I do! I hadn’t thought of a kaleidoscope in years until a recent trip to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts Artworks exhibit. There is a life size kaleidoscope where you walk into a tunnel-shaped structure and look up to view a large mirror and multi-colored …

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Being prepared makes a huge difference

Does the end of the year flurry of pre-Christmas shopping sometimes make your head spin? Of course it all depends on how prepared you are when you begin your shopping and, more importantly, if you are certain you are receiving the best price on the products you plan to purchase. …

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Spread the Word about BCA!

I’m sure you’ve heard that a personal referral is one of the best compliments a business can receive, right? At the Business Council of Alabama (BCA), we know business referrals are some of the most valuable opportunities we have to encourage other businesses, industries and educational institutions to invest in …

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You don’t know what you don’t know

People often may make quick judgment on a person, business, or organization before actually having the correct, pertinent information. Many times this is unfortunate because the importance, benefit, and value they may offer could potentially make a tremendous difference in their lives or outcome of the situation. The Business Council …

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Is it finally spring yet?

The winter of 2014 was long, cold and rainy for many of us, but the end is in sight. The first day of spring was three weeks ago, which means we can all emerge from hibernation and take in some fresh air. Yes, spring is a time for renewal, the …

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So, why is a BCA membership important? How do I benefit?

Across the country, reportedly 85 percent of businesses that fail are not members of their particular industry association or a business trade association, such as the Business Council of Alabama (BCA). And when discussing the opportunity to invest in an association, some business owners or managers might say their schedule …

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We’ve got your back!

Since its founding in 1985, the Business Council of Alabama has worked hard to improve Alabama’s business climate. With the help of the Alabama legislature, which since 2011 has been truly committed to addressing the concerns of business, the BCA has been instrumental in securing the passage of a number …

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Investing in the BCA – A Solid Solution

Sometimes in business, there may be extenuating factors which unexpectedly wreak havoc on your bottom line because you may not have been aware of those particular factors. Those factors could be a legislative issue, which sometimes can be complicated and confusing, even for the political veteran, and you need to …

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Advocacy Matters

Membership in the Business Council of Alabama (BCA) makes an important statement about who you are, your business and the value you place on our organization’s mission and goals. At the BCA, we feel that we do one thing very well – provide a unified voice for all Alabama businesses …

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