Alabama’s Career Centers Provide a Myriad of Services to Employers and Job-Seekers

Are you paying hefty advertising bills
to recruit new employees? Are you struggling to find time and space
to conduct hiring events? Do you want to take advantage of tax
credits for hiring workers but are unsure where to begin?

Many business owners may be surprised
that all of these services and more are available FREE OF CHARGE
through the Alabama Career Center System. The Alabama Career Center
System is managed by the Alabama Department of Labor and consists of
48 centers located throughout the state. These facilities provide
services to both jobseekers and employers. Most people are aware of
the services provided to jobseekers, but few know that the centers
serve employers as well.

Through JobLink,
the state’s free online jobs database, employers can list their job
openings and browse the résumés of more than 100,000 potential
employees. There is no charge for this service, and employers can
update their ads as often as they wish.

If more is needed than just a simple
“Help Wanted” ad, the staff at the local career center can help.
Interview space is available through any of the facilities for
employers’ use. The staff can even pre-screen potential employees,
so that when employers come in to interview, they’re only seeing
qualified applicants, cutting down on wasted time and money. These
services are also provided free of charge. There’s never a fee!

Additionally, there are many programs
available that allow employers to train new employees with lesser
risk. The On the Job Training program (OJT) allows an employer to
receive reimbursement of hourly wages paid to a trainee. The
Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP) helps employers cover
expenses for workers to upgrade and acquire new skills, helping
companies to meet foreign competition, avoid layoffs and stay open.
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit
available to employers for hiring individuals from certain target
groups who have consistently faced barriers to employment. Dedicated
veterans representatives help both able and disabled veterans find
gainful employment. All of these programs can allow employers to hire
or train employees with less cost and to increase productivity.

In the unfortunate case of a company
downsizing or closing, career center staff can assist in this area as
well. Working with ADECA’s (Alabama Department of Economic and
Community Affairs) Rapid Response Team, assistance is provided
on-site to laid-off employees. From COBRA coverage to unemployment
compensation benefits, workers will be prepared for their upcoming
job loss.

All of these services and more are
available through the Alabama Career Center System. To find the
career center nearest you, visit
Take advantage of the services offered, and be sure to spread the

(Provided by the Alabama Department of