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School Choice

Every single child in Alabama deserves access to a quality education regardless of their race, zip code or income and no one is more aware of their child’s needs than his or her parents or guardians. Students in public charter schools are more likely to graduate from high school than their traditional public school peers and low-income students in public charter schools perform better than their peers in traditional district schools.

“Very simply, we think parents should have a choice. It’s not the silver bullet, but it’s one more component in the holistic approach.” 
– BCA President and CEO William J. Canary


School Choice and Student Opportunity Act fact sheet
A PDF with an overview of charter schools. This document also explains how charter schools operate, who can attend, how they are created, how they are held accountable, and how they are funded.
Senate Committee Favorably Reports BCA-Backed School Choice Bill
A BCA Blog post highlighting a favorable report by the Senate Education and Youth Affairs Committee.
BCA President And CEO Testifies In Support Of School Choice Bill
Press Release on William J. Canary testifying in support of SB 45 in front of the Senate Education and Youth Affairs Committee.
William J. Canary interview with Fox 10
William J. Canary spoke with Steve Alexander of Fox 10 in Mobile about the importance of establishing charter schools during this legislative session.

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Senator Tom Whatley (District 27)  |  Senator Phil Williams (District 10)