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The BCA is the state’s most powerful and effective advocate for business at the Alabama Legislature and the U.S. Congress.

Through our political action committee, ProgressPAC, we work hard to help elect candidates who understand the issues of concern to Alabama business. However, it is the member companies that develop and drive BCA’s actions in the legislative arena and at the ballot box, promoting those agendas through the organization’s far-reaching grassroots network and policy committee structure.

Let us know how we can advocate for your business on the matters that mean the most to you. Contact our Intergovernmental Affairs and Advocacy Department, 334-834-6000.

Governor Ivey’s Rebuild Alabama Infrastructure Plan Advances Through Legislature

The Alabama House of Representatives today passed Governor Kay Ivey’s Rebuild Alabama Infrastructure Plan, a three-bill package sponsored by Rep. Bill Poole, R-Tuscaloosa. The legislation will provide much needed additional funding to enhance and improve Alabama’s transportation system at both the state and local levels. Business Council of Alabama President …

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UA Research Reports Options for Future of Alabama Roads

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — An analysis of Alabama’s roads and bridges by researchers at The University of Alabama provides future scenarios for the state of transportation infrastructure that vary based on funding. The report, “Addressing Alabama’s Transportation Infrastructure: Roads and Bridges,” informs state leaders about the impact of potential approaches to funding …

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Legislators and Business leaders Meet at I-65 Road Widening Project to Learn More About Infrastructure Funding

SAGINAW – Alabama road builders and the Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure updated state legislators and legislative candidates from Jefferson and Shelby counties recently on the need for new revenue to continue projects like the current Interstate 65 lane-widening project, which could be one of the last infrastructure improvements of its …

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Alabama Pre-K Classrooms Pass 1,000 Mark

The August start to the 2018-19 school year saw 18,720 4-year-olds enrolled in the Business Council of Alabama-supported Alabama First Class Pre-K program in 1,040 classrooms, the first time in its 18-year history that the Alabama First Class Pre-K program has had more than 1,000 classrooms. An additional 107 classrooms …

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AAI Executive Director Participates in National Transportation Investment Workshop

The Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ (TIAC) hosted the 5th Annual National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates on July 18 in Washington, D.C. This program brings together transportation investment advocates and champions from around the country to share best practices, challenges and other keys to success in advancing state and …

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Our Roads, Our Future, Our Responsibility

The Business Council of Alabama and the Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure along with more than 400 groups across the United States conclude National Infrastructure Week on Monday with a message of the importance of responsible investment in Alabama’s aging infrastructure. While driving any distance this Memorial Day weekend, notice the …

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Traffic Congestion and Safety are also Serious Issues for Alabama’s Road and Bridge System

When considering our road and bridge problems across the state, most people will quickly name the road they drive on each day that needs to be repaved or the large pothole on their local street that just seems to keep overcoming the patchwork solution tried by local the local city …

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Infrastructure is More than Just Pavement – It’s Waterways and Ports, Too

When the topic of infrastructure is discussed, many people think of roads, bridges, and perhaps even rail, but a critical component of any reliable infrastructure system involves ports and waterways. The Port of Mobile is Alabama’s only deep-water port. It moves approximately 54 million tons of cargo each year, ranking …

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Facebook Page Features Bad Road Conditions Across Alabama

The Business Council of Alabama, Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure, and a broad coalition of other business groups and organizations have been working to identify statewide road and bridge needs and provide adequate and stable funding to address them. Over the past year, we have seen the conversation of investing in …

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National Infrastructure Week Elevates Infrastructure as a Critical Issue

The 6th annual National Infrastructure Week that begins today and lasts through May 21 includes the Business Council of Alabama and the Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure, hundreds of organizations, and thousands of leaders serving to educate and advocate the importance of infrastructure to our economy, future, security, and society. The …

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