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Cherry Smith Ragan


Office Manager/Executive Assistant for Finance and Administration

Cherry Smith Ragan is the Business Council of Alabama’s Office Manager/Executive Assistant for Finance and Administration. Her duties include assisting in daily office and front desk operations, providing support to the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO, President and CEO, Finance Manager, and Chief of Staff and Executive Director for ProgressPAC.

Ragan’s extensive career experience includes a law firm trial and research group, food service distribution, national telemarketing and customer service, computer reselling and manufacturing, computer software training, and sales and customer service consulting. Ragan is a National Contract Management Association Certified Professional Contract Manager, an International Guild of Professional Consultants’ Certified Professional Consultant, and an International Society of Speakers, Authors, & Consultants’ Certified Professional Speaker and Consultant.

Her education includes Pensacola Junior College, West Florida Business School, the Board of Trade in Chicago, and Roosevelt University in Chicago.

(334) 240-8710 Fax: (334) 241-5984

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