Keep up with what's happening in the business arena with our BCA publications, and have the tools you need to take action when lawmakers and regulators are working against your interests.

Capital Briefing

Published weekly during regular and special sessions of the Alabama Legislature, the Capital Briefing is a weekly digest of action taken on legislation of interest to business. It also includes a summary of remarks made by speakers at BCA’s Governmental Affairs Committee meetings, and often features video interviews with top legislators and state officials.

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Washington Briefing

Published regularly when Congress in session, the Washington Briefing provides a weekly Washington update to BCA members. Washington Briefing is your link to the halls of Congress for the most current information that affects Alabama businesses and industries.

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BCA Connect

BCA Connect is provided as a "public service" on behalf of the members of the Business Council of Alabama, the state's most effective advocate for business at the Alabama Legislature. This app gives the user an easy platform to contact members of the 2014 Alabama Legislature. Need to immediately communicate with a legislator? Simply tap on their face or name to open their profile, and then tap on their email or phone number to contact them, in addition you'll also have a direct link to their websites, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. BCA Connect includes complete listings of the House and Senate members, and catalogs all committees and their membership. Download the app for free!

The Business Advocate

Published as part of the statewide magazine, Business Alabama, The Business Advocate highlights BCA’s work on behalf of the varied needs of business at the state and federal level, spotlights BCA events, and includes information from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers. BCA members receive a complimentary subscription to Business Alabama.

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The Manufacturing Advocate

Published as part of the statewide magazine, Business Alabama, The Manufacturing Advocate features activities of the BCA’s Manufacturing Advocacy Council, and highlights achievements of BCA’s 1,300  manufacturing members.

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BCA Books

The Pillars of Progress 2013, is the Business Council of Alabama's fifth book in a series of annual accounts that archives in 14 chapters how the BCA is working to make economic development and education the pillars of Alabama's free market success. The electronic version can be downloaded here. You can also purchase your copy from BCA member, Books-A-Million.

In addition to detailed commentary of how legislation fared during the 2013 legislative session, this book includes photos documenting BCA events and advocacy, the 2013 State and Federal Legislative Agendas, position papers, op-ed columns, and articles highlighting the BCA's close partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers and the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama.

BCA Articles

In an article appearing on, BCA President and CEO William J. Canary recaps a productive 2014 legislative session that saw significant results for Business Council of Alabama, including 17 BCA-backed bills that were signed into law and defeating attempts to eliminate the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards.

BCA President and CEO William J. Canary was interviewed for the February 2014 Montgomery Business Journal, published monthly by the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce. Read the article here.

BCA President and CEO William J. Canary penned an editorial calling on the legislature not to assume control of Alabama’s College and Career Ready standards, which are relegated by law to the State Board of Education.  The article was published on and the Gadsden Times.

Ronnie Boles, co-chair of the BCA's Manufacturing Advocacy Council, a board member of the National Association of Manufacturers and the president of General & Automotive Machine Shop in Huntsville, wrote an op-ed on the Alabama Supreme Court's decision to rehear a case that has enormous implications for our state's manufacturing future. Read the article here.